“UAB Fokus Group” is the official representative and distributor of the following brands:

“Ikra Mogatec” – “by Tonino Lamborghini technology”:

“IKRA Mogatec” has been producing high-quality lawn and garden products for more than 40 years.
Over the years, we have given our customers the opportunity to take advantage of quality, exclusivity, flexibility and attractive prices.
The success of our company began in 1977, when the founder of the company, Reinhard H. Jachmann
started selling the first lawn mower.
Ikra Mogatec development history:
1977 Reinhard H. Jachmann establishes Ikra. Objective: to produce and place on the market power plants
gardening tools.
1978 production of the trimmer begins.
1992 Reinhard H. Jachmann establishes the production company Mogatec in Saxony (18 employees).
Over the next year, both companies expanded significantly (more than 200 employees). Gross turnover:
62 million EUR 1.8 million per year. units of product.
2004 development of commercial goods production.
2008 Presentation of Tonino Lamborghini, a range of garden equipment.
2012 Introducing the new FlexoTrim product line. Ikra becomes a Business Social Compliance Initiative
(Member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative – BSCI).
Represented countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark.

“Nemo Power Tools”:

“NEMO TOOLS”- the only professional cordless tools in the world. “NEMO” tools are designed to work in extreme conditions in the shipping, fishing, rescue, military, pharmaceutical and utility sectors. “NEMO” tools can be used for work up to 100 meters underwater.
Represented countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.


“Grabo®” was invented and developed by “Nemo Power Tools Limited”, a leading developer of a variety of premium power tools for professionals in a variety of industries. “Nemo Power Tools” is based in Hong Kong, with engineering design and sales offices in Israel, the United States and Australia.
Initially, our power tools were custom-designed and developed for scientific and governmental organizations in 2010. Before building their mass-produced tool line, mechanical engineers and founders Nimo Rotem and Oleg Zhukov designed and custom-built power tools for the U.S. Navy, Israeli Defense Forces, and other customers with unique demands. 2013 It was decided to adapt the technology to commercial use and release its high-end product line.
Since then, “Nemo Power Tools” has developed a wide range of power tools and accessories. Our first product line included cordless waterproof tools for the commercial diving and offshore drilling industry, diving lights, lasers and other equipment for sailors.
We are proud to work with our partners and clients to better understand what they need to do their job faster and easier. Our love for innovation and desire to provide customers with useful and quality products means that we integrate new and exciting technologies into our products. “Nemo Power Tools” use technologies commonly used in more high-tech products: batteries and electronics for the drone industry, cooling technology for the computer industry, and sealing and manufacturing techniques for marine products.
Our experience with products manufactured in the most extreme conditions on earth has helped us build quality production lines with uncompromising quality control, testing and engineering capabilities.
Since its establishment in 2014. We have expanded our product range to include a wide variety of industrial tools for use above and below water, including several models of drills, impact wrenches, impact screwdrivers, angle grinders and impact drills.
Grabo is a patented idea of ​​our founder Nim Rotem. A revolutionary new tool that has become a bestseller in many countries shortly after its release in 2019.
Represented countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.


it is our passion, professionalism and many years of experience. “Kornely” branded products are “Premium” quality products selected and refined by our professional technologists, for which we set the highest quality requirements.
Countries represented: European Union.

“Premium Drill Brush by Kornely” cleaning brushes:

With “Premium Drill Brush by Kornely” cleaning brushes you will perform all cleaning work easily, quickly and flawlessly!
“Premium Drill Brush by Kornely” is specially designed to perform various cleaning tasks quickly and flawlessly. Premium quality brushes for screwdrivers-drills are perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning, as well as industrial cleaning. The brushes do not scratch the surface and do not damage the paint.
Countries represented: European Union.