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Welcome to Fokus Group, your trusted wholesaler of high-quality agro products. With a wealth of experience since 2010, we have established ourselves as a leading supplier of a wide range of commodities, specializing in rapeseed seeds, crude and refined rapeseed oil, crude and refined sunflower oil, rapeseed cake, sunflower meal, feed corn, grains, and other agricultural commodities.

Our Commitment to Quality: At Fokus Group, we are dedicated to providing our customers with superior products that meet the highest quality standards. We understand the importance of pure, unadulterated agricultural goods, and thus, we ensure that all our products go through rigorous quality checks and adhere to strict industry regulations.

Kornely – Our Premium Brand: As part of our commitment to excellence, we proudly introduce our flagship brand, “Kornely”. Under this brand, we offer premium refined bottled sunflower oil, carefully processed to preserve its nutritional value and natural flavors. “Kornely” represents our unwavering dedication to providing only the best to our valued customers.

Global Reach: With a widespread presence across Europe, Middle Asia, and worldwide, Fokus Group has built a robust network to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you are a local retailer or a multinational corporation, our expansive distribution channels ensure that your agro product requirements are met efficiently and reliably.

Comprehensive Services: At Fokus Group, we go beyond being a wholesaler. We offer a range of additional services to enhance your experience and streamline your operations. Our companies within the Fokus Group provide comprehensive logistic services, including door-to-door delivery and worldwide shipping. We understand the complexities of international trade, and our team of experts can handle customs clearances seamlessly.

Why Choose Fokus Group?

  • Extensive experience in the agro product industry since 2010
  • Wide range of high-quality agro products and commodities
  • Trusted supplier of rapeseed seeds, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, and more
  • Premium brand Kornely, offering refined bottled sunflower oil
  • Global reach with distribution across Europe, Middle Asia, and worldwide
  • Complementary logistic services for efficient operations
  • Commitment to quality and adherence to industry regulations

Experience the Fokus Group Advantage: When it comes to agro products and commodities, Fokus Group is your reliable partner. Whether you need rapeseed seeds, crude or refined oils, or other agricultural goods, we are here to fulfill your requirements with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Contact us today and let us exceed your expectations.